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Checklist of Comox Valley Birds

Checklist of Comox Valley Birds

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A must for Comox Valley birdwatchers to help track the details of the birds that they see while exploring.

The Checklist includes:

  • 228 bird species that have be recorded regularly
  • 125 species with confirmed or probable nesting
  • 100 species reported fewer then 5-8 times in the past 30 years 
  • Written by: Comox Valley Nature
  • Illustrated by: Bill Heybroek

Area Covered:

  • All land on Vancouver Island lying north of Deep Bay and south of the Oyster River westwards to the upper reaches of the Oyster River, Mt. Albert Edward, the Red Pillar, and the height of land separating the Comox Lake watershed from the Ash River watershed (Alberni Valley). Also included are all waters to the midpoint of the Strait of Georgia, as well as Hornby, Denman, and Sandy Islands and their associated rocks and islets.